I’ve gone back and forth from the first generation of the AirPods to the most recent. The reason for coming back is that it’s so convenient and practical. Such as automatically connecting and disconnecting. I’m sure we’ve all had an issue when leaving our Bluetooth device connected to our phone and missing a phone call or alarm because it was ringing in the earpiece the whole time. AirPods even charge automatically. The convenience is the minimal design, fewer buttons for fewer mistakes, like pressing the answer button on your smartphone vs the Bluetooth headset, hence the phone call audio is now connected to your phone speakers versus Bluetooth stereo. AirPods may be pricey and there are similar if not blatant rip-offs on the market, but the minimalist design and usability or rather user experience provide justification. Such as having the AirPods hang from your ears versus being stuck or wedged inside of them and blocking surrounding noise or alerts. Also, the mic is aimed downward so you don’t have to shout during a conversation, or listen to the person on the other end complain about not hearing. AirPods provide not only a musical experience, but pleasant phone calls as well.

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